This is why I love Fire Emblem.

What the fuck even are Fire Emblem: Awakening’s characters

dreams and hope

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絵とかネタ | お髭っ子

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Look at how cute my new sidebar is

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default album art
Song: Hyakuman Kai no Juchiimu (je t'aime)
Artist: Takehito Koyasu
Played: 274 times.


Ladies and Gentlemen Dio Brando’s voice actor

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For anyone that wants to relive Steely Dan getting his shit absolutely rocked again in glorious HD

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Togami and Fukawa start dating but Togami refuses to admit it even when it’s glaringly obvious so he tries to justify himself whenever confronted.

"I can see how you came to that conclusion… but you’re mistaken. The weather was colder than I anticipated so I had Fukawa warm my hands with hers. It wouldn’t do us any good if my hands were too chilled to work to an adequate standard, would it?"

"You should fire your optometrist. We weren’t doing that at all. We were having a private conversation and, to avoid being overheard and because it was dark, we leaned in close so we could read each other’s lips. It’s something you should consider, what with your annoyingly loud voice. Now go. Be on your way."

"Dating? Peh. To someone like you, it may appear that way. I almost feel sorry for you… You can never hope to understand the intricacies of our… alliance."

"gdi togami-kun you just gave me a wedding invitation."

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Original art by つぐみ

The permission for reprinting this picture has been granted by the original artist. Please don’t reprint this anywhere else and go to the original source to bookmark and rate them 8)

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